Workshop on domain names and the Internet - after action report
Matei Vasile / 2015-03-19

Last week, on Friday, March 13, 2015, the workshop on domain names and the Internet organized by ICANN, ApTI and The Sponge took place in Bucharest, at Impact Hub.

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The event had two 2-hour sessions. The first session was about the new gTLD (generic top-level domain name) program of ICANN. The second was about ccTLDs (country-code top-level domain names), with a focus of how this topic is handled in Romania, in the region and in Europe.


The first session, the one about the new gTLDs, began with a presentation from Andrea Beccalli, ICANN's representative who helped organize and run this workshop. He began by doing a short presentation of what ICANN is, its purpose and the way it functions, with an accent on its multistakeholder nature. Then, he went on with a presentation of the new gTLD program.


After Andrea's speech, the first panel discussion took place. The panel members were Andrea, Cătălin Cuturela who is the COO of INES Group (Romanian ISP), Răzvan Deaconescu from the Politehnica University of Bucharest and Valentina Pavel from ApTI. The panel was moderated by Ionuț Oprea from IAB Romania. The discussion was about the consequences of the new gTLD program, about its beneficial potential but also about its potential pitfalls. The panel discussion ended on a note that, in order to help sort out these potential pitfalls, people are welcome to take advantage of ICANN's multistakeholder structure and join in the discussion in order to help improve things, which is exactly what Andrea enthusiastically encouraged people to do.


The second session, the one about  ccTLDs, began with a presentation from Alexandrine Gauvin from CENTR. CENTR stands for Council of European National Top-Level Domain Registries and is the association of European ccTLD registries. She talked about CENTR, its structure, its purpose and presented a number of statistics about ccTLDs and ccTLD registries in Europe.


After Alexandrine's speech, the second panel discussion took place. The panel members were  Alexandrine, Dusan Stojicevic who is the Chair of the Board of Governors of RNIDS (Serbia's .rs registry), Eugenie Stăicuț who is the director of .roTLD (Romania's .ro registry), Daniel Iane who is a Romanian MP and a member of the ITC Committee of the Chamber of Deputies and Bogdan Manolea from ApTI. The panel was moderated by Andrea. The discussion was mainly about the state of the Romanian .ro registry. Mr. Iane presented the bill he has introduced in the Romanian Parliament seeking to reform the way the .ro registry is run. Mr. Stăicuț talked about the current status of the .ro registry. Everybody debated about how it would be best to proceed in order to improve the current state of affairs of the .ro registry. Dusan did a short presentation of the history and structure of the .rs registry and identified some of the main reasons why the .rs registry is such a success story when it comes to ccTLD administration. Then, everybody discussed about what could be done to replicate it in Romania, if at all possible.

The whole event was streamed live by and it is now available for the paying members of on their website.